Introduction to Eye Health

Eye healthTo most of us they seem like ordinary events – catching the sunrise, spying a butterfly, discovering a field of wildflowers, seeing a master artwork in a museum or looking at a loved one’s face. Yet, for the 285 million people around the world who are blind or vision impaired,1 the full beauty of those images can only be imagined or remembered. For those individuals, a rainbow is seen under a cloudy haze, a grandchild can only be viewed with the center of the image blocked out, and a book can only be heard on tape. For many in this group, their view of the world is simply a black screen.

What makes that number so daunting is that 80 percent of all visual impairment cases are preventable. Many of these eye conditions, particularly those associated with age, like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts, may have less of an impact with simple solutions like better nutrition.2

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